How it works

Mindconnexion is an original digital tool enabling discussing personality characteristics and competences of individuals and teams in organizations.

View example reports (individual and teams). 

Mindconnexion is only available for coaches or organization with a membership. For more information contact us.


Mindconnexion can be used in different ways. The results can be used to deepen processes where people (employees and managers) (are going to) execute tasks and work together, like Self-reflection, Career development, Partnership and Collaboration, Assessments and Teambuilding.  

Mindconnexion can play a role and support Organization-advice, Company branding, Networks, Insight in clients and Marketing strategy.  

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Mindconnexion can be added to the intranet of your organization as self-reflection tool for employees and management. The knowhow and technique behind mindconnexion can be adapted for other purposes in which personality types play a role, like tools for marketing and market research. Contact us for more information.