Privacy policy

The carrying out of a full scan (1 and/or 2) of Mindconnexion must always happen through an authorized coach. An authorized coach has access to the admin of this site (www.mindconnexion.nl , www.mindconnexion.com  or www.mindconnection.nl  and obtained permission from you or the organization you work with to use your e-mail address. With the use of this e-mail address the authorized coach will create a profile with your name, your e-mail address, your telephone number (optional) and your gender.  All of this information is kept confidential and isonly accessible by this specific authorized coach, the keeper of this website (Mindreflection B.V. from Maasland); and by you to change or remove.

The information you provide via the authorized coach to Mindreflection B.V. is not made available to any third party, person or company. Data  is used internally for the production of your profile and the production of the digital results of Mindconnexion and/or a pdf-document of these specific results for you to access and print.

To use the public accessible version of Mindconnexion and access its results, the data mentioned above are never requested. This service is anonymous and completely free.

Protection of personal information

Mindreflection B.V. uses servers via Soflomo.com. No one outside of these two organizations has access to the software or the data.

Gathering of personal information

If an authorized coach using Mindconnexion needs your personal information, you will be asked to confirm the entry of your details. By entering your details you give Mindreflection B.V. permission to gather and register this information. In general this information is necessary when you, through an authorized coach,  complete a Mindconnexion scan (1 and/or 2) for which the setup of a profile is required.

Use of personal information

Your personal information is used for the following purposes:

  1. To make Mindconnexion active usable via an authorized coach. You will only have to enter your details once.
  2. To make changes to your profile by yourself or an authorized coach/keeper.
  3. To look at the results and to be able to print the results.
  4. To ensure that beside the specific authorized coach you are the only person having access to your profile-produced Mindconnexion scan and the accompanying results.


To make a profile your e-mail address is necessary. An authorized coach can get your e-mail address via you or with your permission via an organization you work for. Through this e-mail address you will be informed of the production of your profile (by the authorized coach) and are you invited to make a Mindconnexion scan.

Use of cookies

If your browser doesn’t permit adding cookies through the website "www.mindconnexion.nl" or "www.mindconnexion.com" or "www.mindconnection.nl" you can still use our service, but we can’t guarantee data entered in earlier stages stays available throughout the process. You must therefore authorize our website to transmit cookie information.

Update of this information

This page is updated and renewed periodically. Last Update was: 02 September 2011. By visiting www.mindconnexion.nl or www.mindconnexion.com or www.mindconnection.nl and using the Mindconnexion scan you declare that you accept our general terms and conditions.


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