Mindconnexion is a surprisingly original personality tool which works with specially designed color patterns. A lightning fast tool to discover the dynamics of your team and to do something (precious) with it. It are the differences which make a strong team!

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Innovative and quick

Mindconnexion is an instrument to map and enable discussing personality characteristics in a fast and deep way. The instrument works with color patterns, is accessible for a broad audience, is independent from language and payable. Download the flyer.

Comprehensive report m/f 

A personal report m/f is available within a few minutes and is appreciated positively by 86% of our customers. The report of 20 pages deals with talents, competences and relating with people. Look here for our example reports of individuals and teams.

Enthusiastic customers

Mindconnexion is used for job selection, school- and career choises, coaching and outplacement in practice and organizations. The instrument is very suitable for team building. The result: more effectiveness and better cooperation. Read here the enthusiastic testimonials of our customers.