A mindworker is a professional coach (adviser, coach, trainer) who has completed the Education Mindconnexion OM  and uses Mindconnexion as instrument next to existing knowledge, training and experience. Every mindworker has his or her own specialization. 


United Kingdom 

Dorret Groot Wassink  Cardiff             +44 (0) 7958 568 686    www.targetpoint.nl/en              Change facilitator

The Netherlands

Frank Bierkens         Maasland               +31 (0) 6-51426972     www.flowandperformance.nl  Trainer/adviser
Marcel Dekker          Maasland               +31 (0) 6-47270009     www.elementaal.nl                 Teacher/trainer  
Lida van Doorn         Den Haag              +31 (0) 70-3465773     www.lidavandoorn.nl              Charisma coach
Niek Dijkhuis             Den Haag              +31 (0) 6-23451553     www.niekdijkhuis.nl                Coach/trainer           
Tessa Faber             Rotterdam             +31 (0) 6-24095195      www.makingsense.nl             Career coach
Tom Muis                  Barendrecht          +31 (0) 6-51801654      www.m-force.nl                      Career coach